About Hello Folks     So this is the Place I’m supposed to tell you about Our Business and How it became, what do we stand for, why are we here. Let me start by telling you about me first. My Name is Edward Campbell I’m a Retired Army Medic! I spent 25 Years Serving my country to help keep our freedoms free. Like Most kids of the 70’s I jumped around in the different Public service jobs, cooking pizza, learning how to make the right steak. Then I followed My Fathers foot steps a little and started working on Cars and painting houses. In the Mid 80’s I dabbled in Law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff and then into Extradition, There is good money in transporting our countries criminals. That just wasn’t satisfying enough for me so I joined the Army Reserves. After 6 years and acquiring my GED I joined the Active Army and spent the Next 20 Years.  In todays armed forces there are computers and technology in every aspect you can get involved in. Even being a Line Medic in the infantry I was afforded the opportunity to dabble in computers and the Internet/Intra net. When computers became common place in the early 90’s I was there learning and enjoying how vast the world is with the access. What does this all mean when it comes to this company? It gives you a little idea of where and when I learned what I know. Do I have a technology degree? No! That’s why I’m perfect for your Small Business. I’m an Old School dude that still believes in a persons word should still mean something. With todays technology nothing is safe, there are people out there that will hack your britches right off your but before you know they are gone. Well not really but I bet it’s not far off! As I stated before I’m Retired and I have toys! I currently am part of two clubs and Off-road Club and a Mini Truck Club. Oh and I just picked up a 1965 Fairlane Station Wagon so I am finally enjoying Life without commitments. I love the Internet and computers so this business offsets my Hobbies. I’m getting older and need to build this business so I have something to do in my rocking chair on the front porch. I hold in the highest regard an honest person! So I hope you do to!   Sinoda Tech! Your source for Managed Web Hosting. A Small Business Owner Helping other Small Business Owners. This web site and all here within is Property Of Sinoda-Tech and may not be used without express written permission from it’s owner